South Coast Elite is the premier teaching camp in the region. Competitive players at every level always look for an edge.

At SCE Camp, our goal is simple – give kids the tools compete at a higher level. This isn’t a ‘babysitting’ camp – we are going to get better!

We’ll work hard.  We’ll have fun.  We’ll get better.


Camp Information


Session 1: June 26-29, 2017

Session 2: August 7-10, 2017


Boys and Girls, ages 7-14


$230 / camper


  • College level coaching
  • Varsity practice atmosphere
  • Complimentary camp shirt
  • Get ready for your next competitive season!

Campers can buy a lunch daily, or bring something from home.

Camp Schedule

Daily Schedule

  • Arrival / Free shoot
  • Recap of previous Skill of the Day
  • Warm-up / Footwork
  • Building your Defense
  • Ball Handling
  • Skill of the Day
  • Break
  • Fundamental Work (stations)
  • Games

Building Your Defense

  • Monday: Closeouts & ball pressure
  • Tuesday: Off the Ball & Early Help
  • Wednesday: Rotations & helping the help
  • Thursday: Shell drill

Skill of the Day

  • Monday: Handling Pressure
  • Tuesday: Pivoting / footwork
  • Wednesday: Using Screens
  • Thursday: Defending screens


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